Gillingham Town Council Small Grant Assistance

Each year, Gillingham Town Council makes a limited sum available to help support local community and voluntary organisations. The Council wishes to see such organisations flourish and develop in the Town and grant assistance helps to achieve this objective.

Grants are agreed at the Town Council Precept meeting held in December of each year and organisations must apply by the 10th November to be considered for a grant. However, applications received that miss the 10th November dead line, will still be considered by the Policy & Resources Committee at the earliest opportunity and a one-off grant payment may be awarded, as the council has a Grant Contingency Budget for this purpose.

If you would like to apply on behalf of a local organisation, please click on the link below and use the attached application form.

The accompanying notes will help you establish whether your Organisation is eligible to be considered for a grant, and if so, how to apply. They also explain what additional information you need to provide with your application and how any financial assistance given will be paid.

Please read these notes before you complete the enclosed application form and make sure all necessary information is submitted along with your application. Please print clearly on the application form to make sure it can be easily read. All applications received will be acknowledged in writing within 7 days. If you do not receive written confirmation within this time, please contact the Finance Administrator.

Application Form




Through its focus on support for start-up businesses, the Economic Growth Fund aims achieve growth in the local economy by developing commercial activity.

Further Information

Application Form

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