The Council have representatives on the following organisations

Allotment Association Cllr A Frith
Blackmore Vale Tourism and Development Company Ltd Cllr B Von Clemens 
Chamber of Commerce & industry Cllr D Walsh / Cllr B Von Clemens
Citizens Advice Bureau Cllr Mrs S Hunt
DAPTC - Larger Towns Cllr Mrs Beckley
DAPTC - Northern Area Cllr Mrs S Hunt
Dorset Age Partnership

Cllr D Walsh

Friends of Gillingham Station Cllr Mrs B Ridout / Cllr D Walsh
Gillingham Neighbourhood Plan Group Cllr Mrs V Pothecary / Cllr Mrs S Hunt
Health Forum Cllr Mrs A Beckley
Heritage Action Group Cllr S Joyce
History Society Cllr Mrs A Beckley
Read's Charity ( Trustees) Cllr P Harris, Cllr Mrs S Hunt, Mrs S Dobie & Mrs J Hawkins
Rotary Mayor of the Day
Town Meadow Group Cllr S Joyce
Town Team Mayor of the Day
Transport Forum Cllr Mrs B Ridout
Walkers are Welcome Cllr Mrs B Ridout
Three Rivers Partnership Cllr B Von Clemens
Gillingham Royal Forest / Stour Catchment Initiative Cllr B Von Clemens
Gillingham Town Council Appointments  
Community Resilience Officers Cllr R Monksummers, Cllr P Harris, Mrs J Hawkins & Mrs S Dobie
Education Liaison Cllr D Walsh
Flood Wardens Mrs J Hawkins ( Admin) / Mr B Messer / Cllr D Griffin / Mr R Setchel / Mr C Westbrook / Mr J Powell / Cllr Mrs D Toye
Rights of Way Liaison Officer Mrs S Messer
School Councils Cllr Mrs S Hunt, Cllr Mrs D Toye, Cllr B Von Clemens
Transport Liaison CllrMrs B Ridout
Tree Wardens (Advisory) Mr Ben Drew

The appointments listed above were considered and agreed at the Annual Council Meeting on 22rd May 2017.