Mike Gould

HAM WARD & District Councillor for Town

Lydford Cottage
Lydford Lane

Tel: 01747 826204
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Committee Membership:

  • General Purposes

As a town and district councillor I am very committed to the town and its successful development, for the benefit of all of us living here. I've been active on the Town Meadow committee since its inception, and can now see this as a beneficial ongoing amenity for the town. The Neighbourhood Plan and its development is also a project which has occupied me since the start. This now nears its completion and will prove an ongoing guide to successful development in the town. Currently Gillingham's infrastructure is something that is occupying my thoughts. Gillingham deserves a total facelift within its centre to ensure that it has a heart and becomes place of destination as an attractive place to spend time. My particular focus is the development of Station Road and the High Street.

I am always available to support and to help people locally.