How is the Town Council Funded?

The Council Tax paid by Gillingham Households includes the spending requirements of Dorset County Council, North Dorset District Council, Dorset Police and Gillingham Town Council. Many people do not realise that the Town council does not receive any revenue support from central government, unlike the County and District Councils, neither does it receive any funding from local businesses and retailers by their payment of the non-domestic rate.

Each year the Town Council agrees it’s percept to raise the budget to provide its services to the residents of Gillingham Parish. This is the sum Gillingham Town Council levy on the District Council and which is collected by them as a proportion of the total Council Tax paid by Gillingham households. The Town Councils precept for the year 2015/16 will be £597,249.13 which equates to £143.50 for a Band D equivalent property.

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